Our House System

Our House System reflects the structure and systems that have been instrumental in our success and creates a strong team and community identity. It reflects and delivers the commitment to ‘know, value and support every student to achieve.’

The College is divided into six Houses of about 220 students. There are 6 Houses – Brunel, Cavendish, Newton, Orwell, Pendleton and Wilberforce.

The Houses provide support and guidance within an environment where the needs of each child are known by his or her Tutor and Senior Tutor and their individual progress is monitored closely. Importantly, the House is the focus of the relationship between the school and families, with siblings in the same House.

The form tutor plays a vital role in providing continuity and cohesion to the student’s experience of school life, guiding and supporting the personal, academic and wider achievement of each individual student within the form.  The tutor is also the first point of contact by parents and is the primary link between home and school.  A tutor is involved in the process of monitoring, guiding and supporting students’ learning as they progress through the school, as well as helping them to prepare for further education and careers.

The Student Support Assistant is available at all times during the school day to support the needs of students, tutors and parents within that House family.

Here are some of the key aspects of the House System and how it helps our students.

House Teams

Every single person in the college belongs to a House.   Each house has a Senior Tutor (who also is a teacher) and a Student Support Assistant who oversee the running of the House. There are 11 forms within each House. Every teacher at the college is a form tutor, except Senior Tutors and the Headteacher.  Some part time teachers co-tutor a form with a colleague.

Tutorial Teams

Pupils entering the College are all placed in one of the House’s eleven tutor groups in each House, with approximately 20 students in each; these tutor groups are vertical, with a cross-section of students from years 7 – 11. The tutor’s role is to support and guide students, along with their parents, to achieve their best academically and develop as individuals. Each House tutorial team is led by a Senior Tutor who is:

  • Responsible for the quality of guidance and support provided by tutors within the House
  • Accountable for promoting the personal, academic and wider achievement of students within the House.

Student Leadership

The House system at Swavesey Village College provides a wide range of opportunities for students to adopt leadership roles.

Students in each House can apply for roles such as House Leader, Events Captain, Superleague Captain or Interform captain. Students work alongside Senior Tutors to organise events and activities, and other students perform similar roles within each form group. In addition students also have opportunities to take part in whole school roles, being part of focus groups, the full school council, presenting at conferences or interviewing prospective candidates for job vacancies.


The ‘Swavesey Super League’ provides a focus for all the Inter house competitions that run throughout the year. Students who earn many Curriculum Credits for their efforts in lessons, also earn points towards the Super League for their House.  The competition runs through the year and culminates in a final Sports Day in the summer.  The winner of the Super League wins the highly coveted ‘Inter-House Trophy’. See current House Point totals on the homepage of the school website.