Year 7 catch-up budget

The Year 7 Catch-up budget

Our Year 7 Catch-up allocation for 2017-2018 is £19,506. We spend this allocation on the following activities within school:

The Year 7 Literacy intervention programme

The year 7 literacy intervention programme is designed to support students whose literacy skills have been identified as potentially preventing them from accessing the secondary school curriculum. It is led by a specialist literacy teacher , employed for 10 hours a week, who has extensive experience teaching in the primary sector.

The programme is flexible offering interventions that vary from 6 weeks to several months.

The year 7 students selected are those who are “working towards” or “Working below” expected standard. We also target those scoring 100 to assess if they might need extra support initially.

The sessions follow a primary curriculum – concentrating on phonics, basic writing skills and guided reading.

The students remain on the programme until they begin to regularly produce pieces of work that are deemed secure.

Maths intervention

Maths mentoring allows a great opportunity for Year 7 students to be mentored by Year 9 students during form time. Not only does it allow them to develop their basics Maths and gain confidence, but also the chance to have an older student they can look up to and get support from.


Success@Arithmetic consists of a small group of year 8 students working with teachers after school. The purpose of the group is to help develop basic Maths skills, to support the learning taking place in class, and increase students overall confidence with their Maths ability.