At the college, we have clear expectations of uniform and appearance.  Our school uniform assists in the development of a unified culture and conveys a strong message about our standards in school and the community.

The school only allows one style of skirt, see below, and grey suit style trousers.

Our school uniform suppliers are Price & Buckland and The Green School Shop in St Ives.

To order go to:



The Green School Shop,

7 Cromwell Mews, Station Road, The Old Riverport, St Ives, PE27 5HJ, UK

01480 731 300 stives@thegreenschoolshop.co.uk

The Green School Shop in St Ives also sells an appropriate stock of grey trousers, the SVC skirt and the summer uniform acceptable shorts.

The school blouse with logo can only be bought from Price and Buckland.

Uniform from September 2018:

Navy jumper from school suppliers

White school shirt – available from most supermarkets in their school uniform range. Short or long sleeved

School tie –  to be worn with white school shirt above, from school suppliers

SVC blouse – optional if prefered to shirt and tie, but must be bought with the SVC swan logo, from Price & Buckland

Grey trousers – suit style and they must reach the shoe. As a general guide, trousers should not be tight around the ankle and the material should sit on the top of the shoe. No jersey or denim material. See supply details below

Skirt – grey pleated style by David Luke will be the only acceptable style, must be worn with black or grey opaque tights, and no shorter than 1 inch above the knee.**

(** supplied by The Green School Shop, St Ives or Amazon, see under details below)

Dark ankle socks to wear with trousers

Shoes – black, low heeled, i.e. less than 2″ in height – or plain black plimsolls. No sports or fashion logos or decoration should be visible on footwear.


Dark grey suit style trousers, not tight around the ankle, that are long enough to reach the shoe, bought from one of the following suppliers:

Tesco, Asda, Marks and Spencer (Uniform), Next, Debenhams, John Lewis. They must NOT be made of a stretch jersey or denim material or be leggings or jeans style.


This is a dark grey plain pleated style made by David Luke. It is the only acceptable skirt for SVC. Other style skirts will not be allowed. The length has to be no shorter than 1 inch above the knee. It is available from:

·         www.thegreenschoolshop.co.uk

·          The Green School Shop,

·         7 Cromwell Mews,
Station Road, The Old Riverport,
St Ives, PE27 5HJ, UK

·         01480 731 300·         stives@thegreenschoolshop.co.uk

The skirt is also available on Amazon using this link below, but it might not be available in a suitable length, so ring The Green School Shop if this is the case as they can get all sizes in stock.

School Uniform Senior Drop Waist Pleated Skirt Grey 36″/20

by David Luke
(the first number is the waist size, the second number is the length of the skirt).

SVC Summer uniform

In addition to the school uniform listed above, from after May half term onwards summer uniform will be in place until October half term. This will give students the option to wear tailored dark grey school shorts or school skirt without tights. These shorts will only be available from The Green School Shop, St Ives. They must be from one of these options pictured here: Summer Shorts for SVC. Dark ankle socks  and not white socks should be worn.

Students will only be given permission to remove school ties in exceptional circumstances and therefore should expect to wear these as normal. They will be informed in school if they can remove their tie.


Physical Education Uniform:

The following items must be purchased from the Price & Buckland website and the Green School Shop:

Compulsory Items:

  • Fully reversible Red and Black Rugby Shirt or Red Sports Top. Both with the SVC Logo. Rugby shirt is deemed most appropriate for rugby players.
  • Red polo shirts with Swavesey Village College Logo
  • Minimum of one item from:
    • Black Shorts with the Swavesey Village College Logo
    • Black Tracksuit Trousers with the Swavesey Village College Logo (or plain black tracksuit bottoms from any supplier)
    • Skort with the Swavesey Village College Logo (skirt with fitted shorts)
  • Red and Black Football Socks, or socks with House colour trim
  • Trainers (not pumps) and Football Boots Specification (not purchased from school)
  • Students will require a gum shield for Rugby/Hockey and Shin pads for Football.

Optional Extras:

  • Black base-layer with Swavesey VC down the arm
  • Black leggings. (From any supplier but please ensure these are of good quality sports material and not see-through)
  • Black Waterproof Training Jacket with the Swavesey Village College Logo


Standard of dress:

It is expected that students will be neat and tidy in appearance and will not wear items that contravene health and safety policies, e.g. jewellery in PE lessons.  It is important that the smartness of the school uniform is not offset by the wearing of inappropriate garments.If a student arrives out of uniform, the tutor aims to resolve any issues before lessons begin.  Student Support Assistants (SSAs) will contact home to see if correct uniform is readily available.  We will also stock a limited supply of spare trousers, plimsolls and other uniform items.

Hoodies are not allowed at the college, and will be confiscated until parents can pick them up.In all matters of uniform, we appreciate the support of parents in understanding it is the school’s decision on what is and isn’t smart and appropriate.  If you are uncertain about what is or is not acceptable, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor or House Office for clarification.


  • hats, gloves and scarves should not be worn inside the school buildings;
  • alternative sweatshirts/jumpers are not to be worn;
  • no over the ankle boots or open toed sandals;
  • jumpers, when removed, are not to be worn around the waist – they should be kept in bags or lockers;
  • coloured t-shirts are not to be visible under the school polo shirt or shirts;
  • Students are not to ‘wear’ ear/headphones or have them hanging from clothing.


Jewellery and make-up


  • two small pairs of studs in each ear lobe;
  • a wristwatch;
  • a thin chain worn under the polo shirt (removed for PE);
  •  one discreet ring on each hand;
  • discreet and natural-looking make-up;
  • natural-looking hair colour.

Not allowed:

  • piercings other than ear lobes; no ear spacers/stretchers;
  • bracelets and wristbands, including charity bands;
  • nail varnish/coloured acrylic/coloured gel polished/artificial nails.

Outdoor clothing

Students may wear their outdoor clothing when moving around the school site, as they may have to be outside in poor weather.  However, they should remove any hats, gloves and scarves when indoors.  Coats should not be worn in any learning environment.

Uniform reminder November 2018