Northstowe Secondary College

In 2008 our proposals to establish the new Secondary School and Sixth Form College in Northstowe were unanimously approved by Cambridgeshire County Council.

We are delighted to see that building in Northstowe is now progressing and we are working with residents in Northstowe and Longstanton on the development of the Education Campus in Northstowe which will serve both communities and a wider area in Cambridgeshire.

Our Vision for Education in Northstowe

We have an ambitious vision for Northstowe for a community learning campus that serves all ages and abilities, taking a lead role in bringing people together to create a sustainable and empowered local community. Our ambition is to create an all-through campus that will contain a nursery and primary school, a special educational needs (SEN) school, a secondary school with a dedicated post-16 centre and community sports and arts facilities.

We took another step towards this vision as we were granted permission by the Department for Education to establish an SEN school in 2017. We are now eagerly awaiting a decision on our proposals for the primary school and the community sport provision.

The team that will establish the new schools in Northstowe are the same team behind the highly successful Swavesey Village College. We will take the many years of experience and learning from Swavesey and are very confident that Northstowe will have fantastic schools at the heart of the community, every bit as good as Swavesey Village College is now.

It is an exciting time for both CMAT and the local community and we are pleased that we are now able to start bringing this vision to life.

Expected Timeline
Spring Term 2018 Planning application submitted for Northstowe Secondary College
winter 2018 Construction starts in Secondary school
September 2019 First students join Northstowe Secondary College
June 2020 Completion of phase 1 of the Northstowe Community Learning Campus including

  • 11 place Special school
  • 4 form entry (600 students) Secondary school
  • core community Arts and Sports facilities


 ADMISSIONS: Who will join Northstowe Secondary College?

Cohort Current Position for children living in Longstanton & Northstowe 
 Year  6 (2018 – 2019) Join the new Northstowe secondary school in September 2019. First Year 7 in the new school.

All children moving into Northstowe or Longstanton who are currently (in academic year 2018 – 2019) in Year  7 or above will attend Swavesey Village College.

On 3rd October 2018 we held our first Year 6 Open Evening for Northstowe Secondary College. Please find here the booklet issued on the night, and the Presentation given by the Executive Principal:

School Information booklet 2018 2019

Northstowe Open Evening


Other presentations issued 2015 -March  2018

Northstowe Presentation_28th March 2018

Northstowe Parents Meeting_19-7-17 Northstowe Parents Meeting - 19 April 2017 Northstowe Parents Meeting_8-12-16_SRR-AFD_V3 Northstowe Parents Meeting 24-11-15 Northstowe Parents Meeting 9-6-15