Home Learning – PREP


This year sees the introduction of our PREP framework (Preparation-Revision-Extension-Play) which will provide a clearer and more consistent home-learning, marking and assessment KS3 policy evident across the school.  The framework allows for flexibility within departments and addresses the need for consistency and frequency across all departments and year groups.


The Preparation strand is designed to develop research and independent skills as well as toenhance student learning and achievement.  By preparing at home, these tasks will allow students to focus class time on student understanding before embarking on a new topic. By allowing students to partake in their own learning, they are able to own the knowledge they achieve, which in turn builds confidence and independence.


The Revision strand is designed to develop revision skills by embedding knowledge and understanding of topics covered previously. By tackling revision in such a way the framework will highlight the importance of the 5R approach when completing tasks.  These tasks will give students and teachers a clear and accurate picture of their performance and the necessary progress needed to meet end of year targets. They will also allow teachers and students to identify curriculum gaps that need further work and engagement.  These tasks will be marked on-line or in class through assessed-typed activities.


The Extension strand is designed to stretch and challenge. Extension activities allow students to apply new knowledge to the next level and to not do work that is repetitive. They also offer the opportunity for students to have their own educational experiences. These tasks will either be peer-reviewed, self-reviewed, marked online or in class (dependent on nature of tasks set).


The Play strand is designed to allow students to enjoy their learning. These tasks will not be marked but celebrated in class.


PREP booklet Sept 2017 Departmental Schedule PREP (1) Science Arts Design & Enterprise English Ethics Geography History Physical Education