At the college, we have clear expectations of uniform and appearance.  Our school uniform assists in the development of a unified culture and conveys a strong message about our standards in school and the community. We are grateful to parents for ensuring their children arrive at school properly dressed in accordance with our uniform policy. 

Following consultation with parents, staff and students we will be phasing in changes to the uniform over next academic year.  The new uniform items will be optional from Easter 2017 and phasing in from September 2017. Our intention is to ensure all students dress smartly and uniformly, and that uniform is affordable and practical. 

The new navy jumper must be worn by all students in Sept 2017. The new navy blue jumper is now available on the website below, and students may if they wish wear it from now on. By September 2017, all students will have to wear the new jumper.

Shirt/tie/blouse: this will only be compulsory in Sept 2017 for Year 7. Years 8 – 11 can still wear polos. However, if your child wishes to wear shirt/tie/blouse instead of the polo, they can. Plain white shirts to be worn with the school tie can be bought cheaply from supermarkets to keep the cost down (they are cheaper than the blue polos).

In September 2018 – ALL students will be in  the new uniform - navy jumper, shirt/tie/blouse, grey trousers or grey skirt.

Our school uniform supplier is Price & Buckland. To order go to: http://www.pbparentsonline.co.uk/swaveseyvillagecollege




Dark grey trousers bought from one of the following suppliers:

Girls’ Trousers – Plain Dark Grey Suit style trousers: at Marks and Spencer: (click on grey option)

•      http://www.marksandspencer.com/2-pack-girls-crease-resistant-adjustable-waist-regular-leg-trousers-with-stormwear/p/p22387504?prevPage=plp

Or for ladies sizes: (click on grey option)

Asda £6 per pair:


Next: (smart grey trousers or woven grey trousers, not jersey trousers)



John Lewis £12-14 per pair: (click on grey option)

•      http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-girls'-slim-leg-trousers/p2629072?colour=Grey


The School Shop in St Ives sell appropriate stock of grey trousers and skirts for SVC. They also stock second hand sweatshirts for SVC.


The School Shop

7 Cromwell Mews
Station Road
The Old Riverport
St Ives PE27 5HJ



Boys’ Trousers – Plain Dark Grey Suit style trousers:  at M&S Uniform:

•      http://www.marksandspencer.com/2-pack-boys-flat-front-adjustable-waist-trousers-with-crease-resistance-and-stormwear-/p/p22382698?prevPage=plp


•      Tesco £6 per pair:

•      http://www.clothingattesco.com/trousers/f+f-school-2-pack-of-boys-pleat-reinforced-knee-trousers/invt/ag639431&bklist=icat,4,shop,catgbacktoschool,bo-bts-trousers


•      John Lewis £8-12 per pair: (click on charcoal option)

•      http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-boys'-slim-leg-easy-care-school-trousers/p1115437?colour=Black

This will help parents source affordable, appropriate trousers and avoid any confusion about what is or isn’t acceptable. 

Girls may wear dark grey skirts of a school uniform design (not pencil skirts) with black or grey opaque tights instead. Marks and Spencer, Next and John Lewis all sell suitable styles, for example:


We have also sourced a wider range of sizes and fits as requested by parents. As a result we can also recommend the following suppliers and styles which are available online and in local stores:

Girls : http://www.next.co.uk/g53584s13

Boys : http://www.next.co.uk/g53698s1#880841

Mens: http://www.next.co.uk/g53398s2#863891 (Charcoal Grey)

Womens: http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10701_10001_028020531063_-1

If a student arrives out of uniform, the tutor aims to resolve any issues before lessons begin.  Student Support Assistants (SSAs) will contact home to see if correct uniform is readily available.  We will also stock a limited supply of spare trousers, plimsolls and other uniform items.

Uniform items from September 2016 for current students only:

  • Pale blue polo shirt with college logo to be worn at all times.*
  • Maroon sweatshirt with college logo.* We recommend you do not buy any more of the sweatshirts as ALL students have to be in the navy jumper from September 2017, and they are now for sale on the P & B website
  • Trousers - see above
  • Skirts - plain dark grey and of a modest length and fit, must be worn with black or grey opaque tights. See above for example
  • Socks under trousers - plain black
  • Shoes - black, low heeled, i.e. less than 2" in height - or plain black plimsolls. No sports or fashion logos or decoration should be visible on footwear.

*Items marked with an asterisk are purchased from the Price & Buckland website.


Uniform from September 2017:

Year 7s

New navy jumper* for boys and girls

white school shirt for boys and girls - available from most supermarkets in their school uniform range

school tie *  for boys and girls to be worn with white school shirt above

SVC blouse - optional for girls if prefered to shirt and tie, but must be bought with the SVC swan logo *

grey trousers or skirts - as above

black or grey opaque tights

black socks and black shoes as above.


Years 8 - 11 in September 2017

New navy school jumper* for boys and girls

Grey trousers or skirts as above

grey or black opaque tights

black shoes as above


students may continue to wear the blue polos for one more year. However they can opt to wear the new school uniform at any time (Shirt/tie/blouse).

* items marked with an asterix must be bought from the Price and Buckland website.

Standard of dress:

It is expected that students will be neat and tidy in appearance and will not wear items that contravene health and safety policies, e.g. jewellery in PE lessons.  It is important that the smartness of the school uniform is not offset by the wearing of inappropriate garments.

Hoodies are not allowed at the college, and will be confiscated until parents can pick them up.In all matters of uniform, we appreciate the support of parents in understanding it is the school’s decision on what is and isn’t smart and appropriate.  If you are uncertain about what is or is not acceptable, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor or House Office for clarification.


  • hats, gloves and scarves should not be worn inside the school buildings;
  • alternative sweatshirts/jumpers are not to be worn;
  • no over the ankle boots or open toed sandals;
  • sweatshirts/jumpers, when removed, are not to be worn around the waist - they should be kept in bags or lockers;
  • the collar of the polo shirt must be visible when worn beneath the school sweatshirt;
  • coloured t-shirts are not to be visible under the school polo shirt;
  • Students are not to ‘wear’ ear/headphones or have them hanging from clothing.

Jewellery and make-up


  • two small pairs of studs in each ear lobe;
  • a wristwatch;
  • a thin chain worn under the polo shirt (removed for PE);
  •  one discreet ring on each hand;
  • discreet and natural-looking make-up;
  • natural-looking nail varnish or hair colour.

Not allowed:

  • no piercings other than ear lobes; no ear spacers/stretchers;
  • no bracelets and wristbands, including charity bands;
  • no Shellac, coloured acrylic/coloured gel polished/artificial nails.


Outdoor clothing

Students may wear their outdoor clothing when moving around the school site, as they may have to be outside in poor weather.  However, they should remove any hats, gloves and scarves when indoors.  Coats should not be worn in classrooms, in the Resource Centre and when sitting in the canteen.


Physical Education Uniform:

The following items must be purchased from the Price & Buckland website :


Compulsory Items:

  • Fully reversible Red and Black Rugby Shirt (Boys) or Red Micro-fibre Fleece (Girls). Both with the Swavesey Village College Logo.
  • Red polo shirts with Swavesey Village College Logo
  • Minimum of one item from:
    • Black Shorts with the Swavesey Village College Logo
    • Black Tracksuit Trousers with the Swavesey Village College Logo
    • Skort with the Swavesey Village College Logo
  • Red and Black Football Socks 
  • Trainers (not pumps) and Football Boots Specification (not purchased from school)
  • Students will require a gum shield for Rugby/Hockey and Shin pads for Football. 

Optional Extras:

  • Black base-layer with Swavesey VC down the arm
  • Black Waterproof Training Jacket with the Swavesey Village College Logo