Ofsted Information and School Performance

Open the attachment to view the school's latest Ofsted Report, March 2011.

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Statutory documents:

There are certain documents that Ofsted require schools to hold on their websites. Therefore for viewers' convenience, we have listed them here, as well as placing them in their relevant place on our website.

1. Admission arrangements

2. Ofsted Inspection report - see attached document below.

3. For schools with key stage 4 pupils, the most recent results, provided under the following headings (as published online by the DfE): click here

4. The following information about the school curriculum must also be outlined for each academic year group: (see attached document Options Booklet and the School Information Booklet below, which contain the following information)

  • Curriculum content, and details of how additional information relating to the curriculum may be obtained by parents.
  • For key stage 4, a list of all courses provided leading to a GCSE qualification, plus a list of all other courses offered and the qualifications that may be acquired via these.

5. The school’s policy on behaviour. See document listed below.

6. The amount of the school’s allocation from the Pupil Premium grant for the current academic year, and:

  • how it is intended that this will be spent
  • how the previous academic year’s allocation was spent, and the effect of this on the educational attainment of pupils for whom the funding was allocated.

7. A report prepared by the school highlighting its policy for pupils with special educational needs, and how this is being implemented. See attached document below.

8. The school’s charging and remissions policy. See document attached below.

9. A statement of the school’s ethos and values. click here.

10 . Percentage of pupils staying in education or employment after KS4 (Destinations) is 95%.



  1. Final Report March 2011
  2. A guide to our SEN provision at Swavesey Village College
  3. CHARGING and remissions policy 2015
  4. CMAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy July 2016
  5. Behaviour Policy 2016
  6. CMAT anti-bullying policy
  7. 07B - Special Educational Needs Policy SVC 14 Nov 16
  8. Year 9 Options Booklet 2017 MFL with MFL Pathway
  9. Year 9 Options Booklet 2017 Without MFL pathway
  10. School Information booklet 2017 - 2018