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Swavesey Village College students celebrate record GCSE results

Students at Swavesey Village College are celebrating some of their best ever GCSE results, with an 80 per cent success rate and record performances in a number of core subjects.

The proportion of students getting the Government benchmark of A* to C grades in English and Maths was 80 per cent, significantly above the national average which was 53.8 per cent in 2015.

Just under one third of students were awarded five grades at A* or A with 23 students celebrating 10 or more A* and A grades.

Record success was seen in English with 95% of pupils achieving a grade at A* to C, our highest ever figure.

Outstanding results were also celebrated in Maths with 81 per cent at A* to C and in Science with 75 per cent of students gaining at least two Science GCSEs at A* to C.

Andy Daly, Principal at Swavesey Village College, said: “I am really proud we can celebrate record GCSE results in a number of subjects this year.


“It is a just reward for the students’ dedication to their work, together with the hard work of the staff and support from parents.

“We have seen great success for our Year 11 leavers in a range of subjects and we are particularly pleased with the best ever results achieved at Swavesey for English, Humanities and Languages.”

The Academy’s provisional Progress 8 score, the new Government headline measure that will determine the school performance tables from this year, came in at 0.61 meaning that students are on average making greater than expected progress by more than half a grade. This figure will be confirmed later this year in line with the Department for Education’s national adjustments.


Andy Daly added: “With the performance measures now changing to reflect the progress students make, students, on average, made significantly more progress at Swavesey, achieving over half a grade better than their Year 6 SAT results predicted.

“We hope the results students will receive today, combined with their experiences over the five years they have been at Swavesey will provide them with the best possible opportunities in the future and wish them all the best with their future steps.”


Pupils achieving A*-C inc E&M


% A- A* 31%

Pupils achieving A*-C in Maths


Pupils achieving A*-C in English


Pupils making at least expected progress in Maths


Pupils making at least expected progress in English


Pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate


Projected Attainment 8 figure*

 5.82 (B-)

Projected Progress 8 figure*


*Attainment 8 and Progress 8 are new performance measures which are introduced in 2016. A figure of +0.1 means that on average each pupil did one grade better than expected in one of their best 8 subjects.

If there are any questions about exams - syllabus, expectations and routines - these should be directed to the Exams Officer : hframpton@swaveseyvc.co.uk


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