Celebrating Achievement

Rewarding Achievement and Commitment to Learning at SVC

Teachers award Curriculum Credits as a reward to students who show excellence in their commitment to learning either through exceptional performance or significant improvement. 10% of students in each lesson should expect to gain a CC. Curriculum Credits are recorded at the end of lessons on the information system, and are rewarded by postcards home when students achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels and by inclusion in a prize draw at the end of each term.

Student achievement and effort is also recognised through letters home from each subject area praising excellence.   Achievement Boards in each Curriculum area celebrate individual achievements.

At the Celebration Assemblies run by each House at the end of every term, a broad range of student achievement is recognised and various awards are presented.

Key Stage 3 Students qualify for a Reward Postcard home when they reach:

15 CCs = Bronze Award from Form Tutor

35 CCs = Silver Award from Senior Tutor in assembly

60 CCs = Gold Award from Senior Tutor in assembly

75 CCs = Platinum Award from SLT in assembly

100 CCs = Diamond Award from the Principal and tea and cakes

All KS3 students with Postcards will be entered in the Prize Draw at the end of each term.

Year 11 students can earn a 'Spotlight on Success' card from Senior Management staff during learning walks, and are rewarded with a £10 Amazon voucher.