Sports Day 2017


Cavendish took an early lead, championing in both Frisbee and tennis by beating Orwell and Pendleton respectively. Again, Cavendish scored victory after victory against the favourites throughout the morning, only to collapse in rounders. Despite their literal collapse in tug of war, Orwell did well overall as their Year 7s owned the athletics pitch. Wilberforce, one of the favourites, played well in rounders with some excellent smashes. Unfortunately, Brunel struggled to chalk up any wins, and Newton’s Year 8 tug of war team were disqualified for a series of antics involving the rope. As a top contender, Pendleton had strong support throughout the day. However, in rounders they struggled against the plethora of other houses, only winning a single game. In the tennis, Wilberforce took an early lead through a show of great teamwork and strategy, but struggled to regain composure after nearly hitting Mr Allen’s car.

As the morning progressed, Brunel were in the ascendency as they dominated the Year 8 tug of war and took a steady stride to victory in the Year 10 girls’ 800m. In the boys’ 800m, Wilberforce underperformed and came last, whilst Newton surged over the line. Thankfully for Wilberforce’s purple-clad fans they made the three-legged race their own, with one teacher rating their performance as ‘amazing’. Meanwhile, in the Year 7 rounders, there was intense competitiveness leading to some robust conversations about the rules. In contrast, the tennis players demonstrated true sportsmanship as they coached from the side-lines and ensured that Swavesey’s newest batch of athletes had the best game possible. Orwell’s Year 8s flew to victory in ultimate Frisbee after a series of nail-biting, end-to-end matches. The blues’ Year 10 cohort limped to defeat in the three-legged race.

In the afternoon, inside sources suggested that Orwell had accelerated far into the lead, whilst the other houses languished behind. Amazing support was shown during the Year 9 athletics when a massive group joined in to support the 800m runners. The kindness continued as Mrs Sorenson ran with her students in Brunel. However, Cavendish and Orwell snatched first and second in the athletics. One of our reporters was hit by a flying piece of broken post during the rounders game – no one seems to know how this happened. Orwell dominated the Year 7 tug of war, using strategy over sheer force. In ultimate Frisbee, Wilberforce and Newton used accurate, clean offense and defence to own the pitch. The later space-hopper races were a point of contention as numerous players fell to the ground. Comedy gold to be found at this station throughout the day.

At 3pm the results were announced. After nearly six continuous hours of sport, Orwell house were declared winners for the first time in over five years. A fabulous day of competition, (nearly) sunny weather and ice cream. The PE department, particularly Miss Sealy, deserve full congratulations on another successful sports day at Swavesey Village College. 

Journalists for Sports Day were:

1.      Peter Hughes 

2.      Rhiannon Hagger 

3.      Alison Meah 

4.      Kiera White 

5.      Cora Bingham 

6.      Saoirse Han-Mills 

7.      Kevin Appelboom 

8.      Sophie Riley 

9.      Lara Hagger

10.  Steffanie Jenkins.