Celebrating Achievement

Rewarding Achievement and Commitment to Learning at SVC

Teachers award Curriculum Credits as a reward to students who show excellence in their commitment to learning either through exceptional performance or significant improvement and are rewarded by postcards home when students achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels and by inclusion in a prize draw at the end of each term.

At the Celebration Assemblies run by each House at the end of every term, a broad range of student achievement is recognised and various awards are presented.

Year 11 students can earn a ‘Spotlight on Success’ card from Senior Management staff during learning walks, and are rewarded with a £10 Amazon voucher.


Student Leadership

The House system at Swavesey Village College provides a wide range of opportunities for students to adopt leadership roles.

Students in each House can apply for roles such as House Leader, Events Captain, Superleague Captain or Interform captain. Students work alongside Senior Tutors to organise events and activities, and other students perform similar roles within each form group. In addition students also have opportunities to take part in whole school roles, being part of focus groups, the full school council, presenting at conferences or interviewing prospective candidates for job vacancies.


House and School Councils

Swavesey believes in giving every student an opportunity to have a say about their school. The whole student body is often given the opportunity to feedback on events through online questionnaires and make suggestions about what the School Council should be tackling via their tutor group reps on the 6 House Councils.

The School Council consists of the House Leaders who meet every half term to discuss and implement ideas that come from the House Councils. They may also form Focus Groups which any student can be a member of to explore particular issues in more depth. For example, at the moment there is a Focus group working with members of staff to provide feedback on how the 5Rs are used effectively in lessons. In the past, students have been involved in making decisions about uniform, use of mobile technology, developing the school canteen and reviewing the rewards and sanctions policy to name but a few.